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Schockbilder der Vietnamesischen Buddhistischen Nonnen

Ni cô 'thay nâu sồng mặc quân phục'

Buổi diễn văn nghệ ở chùa Pháp Hải
Chính quyền yêu cầu các ni cô diễn văn nghệ nhân ngày kỷ niệm chính trị
Dư luận trong nước đang ồn ào về một buổi văn nghệ ở huyện Bình Chánh, TP Hồ Chí Minh, trong đó các ni cô xuất hiện trong trang phục bộ đội và cầm súng.

WARNUNG VON TRENDLABS : Chinas Hacker auf schnellerem Weg zu Cyber-Attacken

Joshua Philipp / Epoch Times

Foto: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images
Chinas Hacker haben einen schnellen Weg zur Entwicklung von Cyber-Attacken gefunden. Sie warten darauf, dass Unternehmen Fehler an ihrer Software beheben und entwickeln dann auf dieser Grundlage Hacker-Software.
Mit Hilfe dieser neuen Software können sich die Hacker dann automatisch Zugriff auf Computer und Systeme verschaffen, bei denen die Updates fehlschlugen.
Das für Cybersicherheit zuständige Unternehmen TrendLabs verfolgte diesen Prozess in Echtzeit. Es beobachtete eine Gruppe von chinesischen Hackern, die sich einen Sicherheits-Patch vornahmen. Sie installierten ein automatisiertes Hacker-Tool und begannen dann mit den Angriffen.
Vor etwa einem Monat brachte die Apache Software Foundation, eine Organisation zur Förderung der Apache-Softwareprojekte, ein Update ihrer bekannten Struts-Framework-Software heraus, nachdem sie eine Sicherheitslücke entdeckt hatte, die es den Hackern ermöglichte, Servern einen Code hinzuzufügen.
TrendLabs erklärte auf ihrem Security Intelligence am 14. August, dass sie dieses Tool am 19. Juli zum ersten Mal feststellte - nur drei Tage nachdem der Sicherheits-Patch herausgebracht wurde.
Darin hieß es: „Wir haben Angriffe gegen asiatische Ziele mit diesem speziellen Hacker-Tool festgestellt. Das bedeutet, dass diese Mängel an Struts direkt zu potenziellen Bedrohungen durch Akteure in der freien Wildbahn ausgenutzt werden.“
Mit diesem Tool sollte jeder Struts-Server, dessen Systeme nicht aktualisiert wurden, angegriffen werden. Struts ist ein beliebtes Web Application Development Framework für Java, eine Codierungssprache, die die Entwicklung von Software ermöglicht.
Laut TrendLabs könnte das Tool mit nur wenigen Klicks aktiviert werden und sich durch eine Hintertür Zugang zu einem Unternehmens-Server verschaffen. Auf diese Weise kann ein Hacker Zugang zu Informationen bekommen und aufrechterhalten, er kann Informationen stehlen und Hinweise auf Angriffen verbergen.
Epoch Times

Chinese Hackers Build Attack Tools From Security Patches

 Chinese hackers have found a quick road to developing cyberattacks. They wait for companies to patch their software, then create hacking software using information from the patch.
The newly-created hacking software can then be used to automatically hack computers and systems that failed to update.
Cybersecurity company TrendLabs observed this process in real time. It observed a group of Chinese hackers take a security patch, build an automated hacking tool, and then begin launching attacks.
It started close to a month ago when the Apache Software Foundation released an update to its popular Struts development framework after it found a vulnerability that would let hackers add code to servers.
TrendLabs stated on its Security Intelligence Blog on August 14 that it first noticed the tool on July 19, which was just three days after the security patch was released.
“We have observed attacks against Asian targets using this specific hacking tool, which indicates these Struts flaws are being actively exploited by potential threat actors in the wild,” it states.
The tool is meant to attack any Struts server that did not update their systems. Struts is a popular Web application development framework for Java, a coding language that lets people build software.
According to TrendLabs, with just a few clicks, the tool could be used to create a backdoor in a company’s server. Using that backdoor, a hacker can gain and maintain access to information, steal information, and hide evidence of attacks.

Party Launches Crackdown on Civil Group

Party Launches Crackdown on Civil Group

Xu Zhiyong, who was recently arrested in China for his activism. ()
As Xi Jinping makes internal Party speeches about the need to stamp out and crack down on corruption, and institutes new rules, like a five year moratorium on constructing new official buildings, he has given a clear signal that another side of the Party’s policies won’t be changing: police violence toward activists.
Calling for a democratic government that promotes “freedom, righteousness, and love,” the New Citizens Movement parallels the U.S. Declaration of Independence in its belief that a government’s duty is to protect human rights and serve the people’s interests.
“China needs a movement to save itself from all its social problems: corruption, power abuses, and the wealth gap to name a few,” wrote Xu Zhiyong, a high-profile human rights activist who founded the movement with others, in a blog post in May.
So far, the regime has reacted by arresting at least 15 activists as of July 26 and placing Xu under house arrest in April then detaining him on July 16. Xu was charged with “assembling a crowd to disrupt order in a public place” and corralled into a room with eleven theft suspects.
“Arresting Xu is a clear violation of the freedom of speech,” said Beijing-based human rights activist Hu Jia in an interview with Epoch Times.
“Authorities believe the Citizens Movement will have a huge impact on society, so they’re harassing and terrifying the participants in hopes of obstructing the movement,” Hu said. “Everyone should speak up to support these activists, because protecting their rights is protecting your own rights.”
Well-known Chinese scholars, lawyers, economists, and businessmen started an open letter calling for Xu and other New Citizen Movement participants’ release, gathering 446 signatures as of July 23.
The New Citizens Movement falls on one side of a divide in opinions activists have of the Chinese Communist Party and the best way of dealing with it, which includes a view that the regime is still able to atone for many problems. On the other end, protesters like Ai Weiwei have grown disillusioned with the Party. Ai satirized some of the more optimistic activists in his profanity-laced song “Idiot” released in May, with a music video of Ai in jail, monitored by police even while on the toilet.

Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Vietnamese Police abducted blogger Nguyen Van Dung (Dung Aduku)

Vietnamese Police abducted blogger Nguyen Van Dung (Dung Aduku)

* * *

Danlambao- At 12 p.m. today, Aug. 21, 2013, Hanoi Police unexpectedly mobilized its force to abduct Nguyen Van Dung (Facebook Aduku Adk). At the time of his arrest, Dung promptly sent out a text message to inform that he and a female friend were arrested while on the road.

Shortly thereafter, police carried out an illegal search operation at Dung’s private residence at 201-A7, 1A Line, Khuong Thuong Co-Op, Ton That Tung Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

Nguyen Van Dung, born in 1977, nick name Dung Aduku, is a very active participant in patriotic activities in Hanoi. Dung is also the 13th blogger to sign the Statement 258originated by the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers.

Learning the news, some young bloggers in Hanoi rushed to Dung’s residence to help. However, upon arriving at the scene, they discovered many police in uniform were surrounding and blocking access to the building. According to Dung’s neighbors, police was carrying out a search operation inside Dung’s apartment. 

A friend of Dung, Trinh Anh Tuan (Facebook Gio Lang Thang) said: Since noon, two contact 
numbers of Dung have had ring tones but nobody picked up the calls.

At 3 p.m., Tuan continued to call and only heard the noise in the background. To this point, all avenues of communication were completely cut off.

Nguyen Van Dung, a native of Phu Tho, was arrested and detained in Hoa Lo Prison for 3 ​​days for participating in an anti-China protest in Hanoi in August 2011.

Hanoi Police carried out the kidnap after committing a series of violation of human rights targeted an English class of a youth group in Hanoi on Aug 13, 2013. These are the acts of a well-planned, systematical repression targeted the patriotic youths in order to destroy their peaceful activities.
CA chốt chặn bên ngoài hành lang của khu tập thể. Bên trong, CA đang khám xét đồ đạc của anh Nguyễn Văn Dũng (Ảnh: Facebook Lê Thiện Nhân)


At 9:20 p.m., blogger Trinh Anh Tuan (Gio Lang Thang) continued to send out an emergency message that says: After 9 hours, since receiving a message from Nguyen Van Dung (Aduku Adk) informing his arrest at 201, A7, Khuong Thuong Co-Op, Dong Da, Hanoi, we still don’t have any information about his status. Nobody has picked up the calls on his phones. We have searched for his information at the above address without any result. The neighbors refused to open the door for us to enter the building.

When we came to the police station of Trung Tu Ward to report his missing, they replied that there was no evidence of his missing and only the family has the right to report it.

Please share this information to protect Nguyen Van Dung.

Epoch Times: Chinese Official Faults ‘Hostile Foreign Forces’ in Judge and Prostitute Scandal

Ông Chu Phương, cựu biên tập viên có tiếng tăm của Tân Hoa Xã, vừa tiết lộ trên blog cá nhân những bữa tiệc sex do các doanh nhân giàu có tổ chức, trong đó có cả những trò như bú sữa trực tiếp từ các bà mẹ trẻ đang nuôi con.  Nhiều quan chức cấp cao của Trung Quốc cũng góp vui trong những bữa tiệc như thế.

Ông Chu Phương, cựu biên tập viên có tiếng tăm của Tân Hoa Xã, vừa tiết lộ trên blog cá nhân những bữa tiệc sex do các doanh nhân giàu có tổ chức, trong đó có cả những trò như bú sữa trực tiếp 
từ các bà mẹ trẻ đang nuôi con. Nhiều quan chức cấp cao của Trung Quốc cũng góp vui trong những bữa tiệc như thế. (

A top Communist Party and judiciary official in Shanghai faulted foreigners for making light of the Chinese regime after four judges in China were caught with prostitutes, and video evidence of the scandal was put on the Internet, spreading throughout China and around the world.