Montag, 29. September 2014

Hong Kong protest 2014

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Please help Hong Kong 2


Hongkongese: Please Help Us!Today is the 28th of September 2014. It is nearly 10 o'clock in the evening, we are in Wanchai in Hong Kong now. Today earlier this morning, we protestors are peacefully sitting outside of the Government Headquarters and trying to protest again, we want to popvote for Hong Kong Chief Executive election. However, the government suddenly sent out police with guns, armors and shields towards us and tried to evacuate us. And everyone sat still and did nothing. Suddenly, government start to spray pepper spray towards every protestors sitting in the front. So people kept running and screaming loudly. Now we are in Wanchai, we ran from Admiralty to Central and now to Wanchai. Everywhere is full of police and protesters. Protesters are trying to protect people staying inside of the Government Headquarters area. We are asking for popular vote only, nothing more and we are really peaceful. However the government will not hesitate to use pepper spray, and every harmful armament against peaceful protestors. As a Hong Konger, standing here in Wanchai, I ask all of you from all over the world, please help us. Maybe all of you are born in democracy States, you are born with democracy choices, you have free election right, but we don't, please help us! Please spread the news to all over the world, please voice out for us Hong Kongers, as we really need democracy, we need a popvote only, nothing more, please support us and spread this video and every news about this event all over the world, thank you