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Human Rights picnic on mai 05, 2013


Human Rights picnic on 05-05-2013 Sunday morning in Vietnam has attracted the participation of many people from all walks of life in big cities like Saigon, Hanoi and the coastal city ... Nha Trang in Vietnam. Although the government is using the majority of the security forces and secret services tried to stop and control, but picnics human rights of people today have resonated quite well and attracting attention the majority of people in the city center above. Human rights increasingly worse in Vietnam so long as the urge to focus attention and led to protest actions by people of many different classes including intellectuals, professors, lecturers, bloggers and even components veterans who have been involved and devoted to the so-called "revolutionary liberation of South Vietnam" before. Especially the presence of heart from young elite Vietnam.

Attitudes and actions irresponsible, unethical along with the implementation of the wrong policies and methods of brutal authoritarian rule of the communist government in Vietnam now and over the years has led to more urgent and public outrage, especially attitudes and actions spineless coward full of confusing from group leader and the Communist Party of Vietnam to against aggression from enemy invasion and expansion China in recent years has led to the rising wave of protest from all walks of life, which includes a number of party members, commanders and government officials in the government apparatus is in position and the Retired also strongly criticized and criticize wrongdoing of the party leaders and local authorities. Some comments also highlighted the weakness and corruption of the morals of the party members who hold leadership roles in many important positions of state and government apparatus.

Besides, there would be some changes in the way suggested running the country today, including the call to cancel the State Constitution, Article 4, ending the monopoly of the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam before economic recession and severe social volatile due to rampant corruption in the bureaucracy, leading to increased cases of human rights violations in the past decades. Typically, the petition was recently proposed from the group of 72 leading intellectuals of Vietnam and a suggestion in the draft amendment to the Constitution of the State Council of Vietnam Catholic Bishops met voluntarily great promise and legitimacy of all classes of the people of Vietnam. The party leaders and rulers in Vietnam today can not continue to ignore their responsibilities to the people and for the country. Or accept constitutional change in a positive direction, change the way the operating and governance to national development, peace building and social stability, as well as to meet the legitimate aspirations of the people, or continued entrenchment, continued inhumane behavior and ruled the country under totalitarian policies that cursed so long to accept and deal with people and International community.... and could even become a second Libya or Tunisia in the future.


Picnic human rights in Vietnam

Update: 10:37 GMT - Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Many people come to the park Nghia Do, Hanoi with human rights banners on hand

Many people have joined the Human Rights Campaign picnic on 5/5 in three cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang.

Replies BBC on 5/5, activist Bui Thi Minh Hang said this idea was a group of young people out there and be initiated in response to many people, including herself.

According to Hang, this time with the active participation of many people, including professors, teachers, veterans and the public. Several other bloggers have also been seen at the site of the operation.

The downloaded images spread over social networks that many people appear on three central areas above the city with banners such as "the right to freedom of assembly and citizens' freedom to return to Vietnam ".

Many images also showed the participants distributed picnic Declaration of International Human Rights in 1948 to the people around them.

OCCUR "more favorable"
BBC Vietnamese Reply from Nha Trang, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, Blogger News Mother Mushroom, said the next appointment, the security forces and the police were present and a large group of children in the Communist Youth League had been previous with speakers and music.

This blogger also told herself has been blocked and can not go to the park area in the center to participate in outdoor activities.

However, Nhu Quynh said comments did not "happen stressful" for not continuing into the park area.

Bui Thi Minh Hang said the police force has also appeared at the park Nghia Do, Hanoi with car to stop waves to monitor such activities.

According to Hang, although security and police arrived, but a large picnic took place 'favorable' compared with other regions, although there were also people in the 'advice' and can not attend pre-empt some of the participants.

"Unity has come a loop around the park Nghia Do although outside the fence at the junction with the main road, the traffic police they ban people stopped to watch, to listen," she said.


Image on social networks exposes plainclothes policemen appeared with camera at the place where the  picnics

Unlike the situation in Nha Trang and Hanoi, group picnics in Ho Chi Minh City held little smoother.

The sources said the social networking blogger Nguyen Hoang Vi, Vu Quoc Anh  and Sy Hoang was arrested while distributing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ms Hang said these people were beaten before take them away.

According to Hang, on the way back home is got the news that Nguyen Thi Hoa, who was the daughter of a Saigon Ranger and has many years of petitioning, because after years of pressing because not reclaim property that was stolen should pouring gasoline on her body.

However, Ms Hang said: "When she pulled out the lighter, the petitioners retained," she said.

"According to the latest news, she met women and health petitioners is nothing too serious, because everyone was able to dissuade."

'Waste of resistance'

In an interview with BBC, Nguyen Thi Hoa said confirm sources she was pouring the gasoline on a picnic in the human rights movement in Ho Chi Minh City on 5/5.

Ms. Hoa said her mother was a former Saigon Ranger, but after reunification, the land of her family was robbed.
Her mother after years of unsuccessful claims is lying in bed and had to leave the responsibility for the complaint.
However, she said the last time the appeal is not successful, but also have a police family in Ba Ria Vung Tau hire 'Gypsy' to harass, not allowing business.

"I really hate the government. Government does not consider her family out anything. Waste of much effort my mother have spent resistance, now my family like this," she said with tears.

"When they arrived smashed, I have witness all, but when I bring witnesses, they did not accept, but to take their accomplices as witnesses."

"Then they said me as reactionary component, anti-government."

Answering her actions while pouring the gasoline on people, Ms. Hoa said  because today was so distraught, and she hopes that her actions would be "a wake for international about injustice in Vietnam today. "