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Z30A prison in Xuan Loc shackled prisoner to death

CTV Danlambao - After his release, the witness, Luu Quang Hien, decided to tell the truth about the tragic death of Quach Cong Ninh. The content of the report below, written by Luu Quang Hien, is a trenchant evidence that denounces the cruel and inhuman communist prisons...


By the end of August 2011, Quach Cong Ninh, a prisoner at Z30A prison in Xuan Loc was brutally abused by prison police. They shackled the victim’s legs, let the victim suffer thirsty and hunger while being sick. Consequently, after 8 days of enduring pains, the victim, Quach Cong Ninh, died while his legs were still shackled.

“Shackles Discipline” is a form of barbaric torture and punishment frequently used in the communist prisons to control and repress prisoners. After the uprising in Z30A prison in Xuan Loc on June 30, Ho Thanh Dinh, a one star general of the notorious police force, threatened to carry out a sweep reprisal to persecute the prisoners who demanded to be treated as a human being. Among the punishments ruled out by Mr. Dinh, the lightest form would be disciplinary warning or leg shackles as the toughest.

The painful death of prisoner Quach Cong Ninh has been covered up by Z30A prison in Xuan Loc. However, another prisoner who also suffered the same punishment with the victim did witness the entire sad story.

After his release, the witness, Luu Quang Hien, decided to tell the truth about the tragic death of Quach Cong Ninh. The content of the report below, written by Luu Quang Hien, is a trenchant evidence that denounces the cruel and inhuman communist prisons.

Freelance journalist Truong Minh Duc sent the report of Luu Quang Hien to Danlambao.

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My name: Luu Quang Hien. Year of birth: 1985.
Residency: Ho Chi Minh City
Registered residential address: 74 Ba Hom. Ward 13. District 6.
Crime: Stealing.
Arrested: June 29, 2009 - Sentence: 3 years 6 months.
Date of admission: February 22, 2010

Currently, I am an inmate at team No. 3, camp No. 4 of Xuan Loc prison.

Now I am submitting this report to the camp warden and Staff of the Council:

On August 20, 2011, when I was taken to the disciplinary room for making tattoos on my body, Mr. La (security guard) arranged a space for me next to Quach Cong Ninh.

The next day, August 21, 2011, around 6:00 ​​pm, I saw prisoner Ninh had showed signs of difficult breathing and thirsty. That night, I made an emergency report and a health official came to give medicines.

On August 22, 2011, about 1 hour after receiving rice for dinner, I saw Ninh struggled to breathe again. I also made an emergency report, but I was only scolded.

The next day, August 23, 2011, in the morning I discovered Ninh had been drinking his urine several times. I asked him why, Ninh replied "there is little rice, too much salt, but they gave a little water, cannot bear the thirst." Trying to survive until evening, I saw Ninh struggled to breathe. I reported an emergency, Mr. La rushed into the room to curse me and said "you handle it." I tell the truth that I was also scolded. That night Ninh seemed to lose control mentally, he held the bucket of urine and drank from it, then he poured the urine over his body and on the floor. Nobody could sleep that night. I was afraid to make another report for fearing to be handcuffed (because I was also trying to serve the penalty for violating the camp regulation.)

In the morning on August 24, 2011, when Mr. La opened the door, I showed him the urine on the floor and told him that Ninh drank and poured the urine over the floor. The smell was so strong, a person from outside could not enter the room. It was much more discomfort to the person who is trying to serve the penalty. Mr. La said "wipe it, no washing at all." He closed the door and walked away.

By noon, Ninh struggled to breathe again. I did not dare to report again for fearing of getting handcuffed; officers may listen to Mr. La and punish me for me being disruptive. Because Mr. La told me "do you believe that I will get another 10-day punishment for you in the morning?” I asked room No. 1 to report, but when they heard I mentioned Ninh they ignored it. That afternoon, Ninh continued to drink urine and splashed it all over, then lied down and breathed rapidly. When Mr. La opened the door to give water, I asked him to move me to another place because I could not handle the smell. I have to stay healthy in order to abide by the penalty. The more I asked the more he scolded at me. But I have violated (the regulation) so I silently tried to handle it. Mr. La also said "(Ninh) not going to die, so do not be worried, if (Ninh) dies (we) will take care of the business later." He closed the door and walked away.

In the morning of August 25, 2011, Ninh lied down and breathed rapidly. I asked for medication. At noon I asked "do you have the medicine for me?" (Mr. La) said he forgot. In the afternoon, I asked again, he said, "you don’t remind, how can I remember?" That night Ninh became crazy; he screamed wildly and urinated on our spots; sometimes he urinated on me. That night I had reported 4 to 5 times to the armed police but they always cursed me. I saw Ninh’s body became curled up slowly. I tried to comfort Ninh, but he only moaned and did not answer. Board of Supervisors and Wardens, please think about a person who eats no grain of rice in 8 days (because of too much salt,) given 2 small cups of water a day, the room is tight, the smell from urine is not breathable, his heath deteriorates, how can he survive?

In the morning of August 26, 2011, at 5:30 am, Mr. La opened the door I also reported the situation. He did not reply. I waited about 1 hour to report again and Mr. La scolded at me again. I asked someone else report and I was also scolded. By the time the officers entered the room, knowing Ninh stopped breathing, they let me move to another place.

I hereby confirm that the words I declare are the truth, from the first word of the report. If there is anything wrong, I will be fully accountable.

Xuan Loc, August 27, 2011


Inmate Luu Quang Hien