Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Vietnam: A Thousand Inmates at Prison Compound Z30A in Xuan Loc Revolted Over Harsh Treatment By Communist Supervisors and Their Guards

Tin hom nay

Over a thousand of inmates at prison compound Z30A in the city of Xuan Loc revolted today June 30, 2013 to protest harsh treatment by prison's communist supervisors and their guards.
According to Mr. Le Thang Long, a former prisoner of conscience currently serving a three-year house arrest, that at about 11:30 AM on the morning of 6/30/2012 he received an anonymous phone call, bearing the number 962-467-908.  Over the phone he was told that roughly at 7-8AM morning today 6/30/2013, the entire inmates of camp K1, one of the six camps of prison compound Z30A, in Xuan Loc, which houses over a thousand inmates, simultaneously revolted by capturing one of the prison's supervisor, Mr. Ho Phi Thang.  

The reasons for the revolt (as explained over the phone) is to protest harsh treatment to prisoners from the prison's communist supervisors and their communist guards such as torturing inmates to force them to admit crimes that they have not committed or to sign faked confession documents that they are forced to write, beating inmates brutally with minor cause or even without cause, deliberately trimming or even suspending inmates’ food rations for profits, ignoring to consider their requests to amend living conditions, etc...

The inmates emphasize that they never wish to resort to violence, and are asking governments of the free world as well as international main stream media to help urgeVietnam's communist government to take a look at their living conditions and make proper change to improve the life of inmates in Vietnam’s prison system.

Also being held in camp K1 of  Z30A prison compound are other famous prisoners of conscience such as businessman Tran Huynh Duy Thuc, song writer Viet Khang, labor organizer Nguyen Hoang Quoc Hung.  Bloggers Dieu Cay Nguyen Van Hai and Ta Phong Tan were held here before, also.

The city of Xuan Loc in Dong Nai province is just about 61 km (38 miles) east ofSaigon.  It was here in this city, 38 years ago, the 18th Division of South Vietnam Army was heroically able to hold back, for two weeks, the entire invading army of North Vietnam and deal a major blow to Vietcong.