Freitag, 1. Februar 2013


Letter to Mr. Vuong, Director of Social sponsor center II Hanoi

Dear Mr. Vuong

It's very pleasant knowing you're the manager of a social assistance center, which is feeding, boarding, and taking care of those who are less fortunate who do not get God's attention since the majority of those people under your management have light or serious mental health problems. I believe you and your colleagues must have tried your best to be jovial about life and to act as normal as you can while living and working in that abnormal environment.

As stated yesterday when I requested to have an audience with you, and as one relative to another, about Hung Yen police sequestering one of my younger brothers, Le Anh Hung to the police station to inquire about Hung's temporary residence status while working for a company in Hung Yen. For some unknown reason, police took Hung to your center the day before yesterday on Hung's mother's petition, whose document you yet provide to me as I had requested.

I cannot discuss with you about my younger brother's case based on Vietnam's current legal or political systems because you are the manager of a government center that receives material as well as financial support from international charitable donor countries to look after unfortunate people in our society. I only want to discuss this matter with you on a person to person basis where my brother's human rights concern. I hope you and your colleagues would understand my viewpoint.

Mr. Vuong, please read this book, which Hung and his friends translated.

Another point that I would like to make: which Vietnamese laws that allow a mother of a 40-year old man to commit her son to a mental health facility ? The Thanh Xuan district has no authority whatsoever to commit its taxpayers (Thanh Xuan district's owners) to your center. If in the future, a district's war invalids decide to sign papers (petitions) authorizing police to send you or me to some social assistance center, to later notify my mother or yours that we are having mental health problems, and it's for our own benefits that our mothers to authorize the government to look after our welfare. What do you think about such scenario ? I bet that we only have the right to obey their orders ?

I can't help but laughing out loud when thinking about our mothers petitioning our district's authority to jail us against our wills.

If Hung needs mental healthcare, your center is least qualified to provide such care because I know your center does not have mental health doctors as well as treatment facilities for mental health patients. Your employees only know how to perform office duties, gardening, housekeeping duties, taking care of physical needs of those people currently living in your center. How can you and your employees (who are not mental health professionals) take care of my brother Hung, who is allegedly having mental health illnesses ?

What I have just told you is between relatives. You need to be clear-headed to avoid being an accomplice of special interest groups whose intent is to silence, and to murder someone that is well known and cared by worldwide.

As a legal advisor for more than 15 years, my advice to you is it's your final decision concerning my brother Hung. You have conducted yourself admirably for most of your working life. Be mindful of a citizen of a proud civilized rural area whose many an ancestor grew up being a revolutionary.

To know and to understand Hung, all you need to do is to get online and read his writings as well as his accomplishments in life. I'm certain that you will live a healthy and happy life once you've realized that you're lending devils a helping hand. If you still make an excuse of yourself by relying on the oft-saying "I only do what higher-ups tell me what to do", then I have nothing further to say to you.

In our village, if going by relatives' echelon or order, I might have to call you uncle or even grand uncle, but since this story concerns those who closely associate with me in life, please allow me addressing you with the polite word Mister. Once at our family's reunion/gathering, we can address each other accordingly based on family/realtive standings.

In closing, I wish you and your assistant manager Le Cong Vinh to always be healthy, clear-minded throughout the remainder of your working lives. Until you've received your pensionary book, please do things properly and legally so your names will always be proudly mentioned at your birthplaces.

Sincerely Yours,
Lê Dũng