Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Catholic Blogger Paulus Le Van Son

Paulus was arrested in Hanoi on August 3 2011 by four policemen. Son had been traveling on his motorcycle when police blocked his path and proceeded to grab his hands and feet to toss into an awaiting police car, without an official warrant. 



Information Organization Reporters without Borders (RSF) based in the French proposal blogger Paul Le Son to list candidates for the Citizens Network World award this year is an extremely encouraging not only for Bloggers with local ingredients, but also for all the people of Vietnam, those who loved Liberty and Democratic Peace. Please also recall something about Blogger Paul Son, a young Catholic youth of the Diocese of Vinh. Blogger Paul Le Son has been writing against the unlawful case against Dr. Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu and protest China invaded Paracel and Spratly islands of Vietnam. He was a gentle person who has made numerous contributions to serve society and develop the Catholic Church in Vietnam. He is one of 14 young Catholics were arrested by Vietnam's communist secret kidnapping illegally in August, 2011 does not comply with any provision of law.

He and five other young Catholic youth was arrested along with another round with him was then Communist government of Vietnam government accused a member of the Vietnam Reform Party and was arrested for violation of Article 79 of the operation conspiracy to overthrow the government despite rejected confirmation to that accuse from leaders the Vietnam Reform Party later. Since the outbreak of the revolution called "Arab Spring" in some countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the Hanoi government began to manifest anxiety and fear influence spread from the political upheaval that could lead to a revolution broke out in Vietnam similar to the government conducted a series of the harassment, persecution and arrest for Bloggers, the main disagreement opinions, religious activists whose primary goal is aimed at bloggers and other young Catholic youth.

By far, in the view from the party and state government communist Vietnam, the Catholic Church is a religious tradition and fiercely anti-communist determined so that any one who has dissented or even activities that contribute to the social component came from the Catholic authorities were Vietnam's communist state listed opposite the element necessary to eliminate dangerous and eliminated in any way any . Session illegally arrested 14 young Catholic youth of the Diocese of Vinh has been a crackdown in the most intense so far targeted the Catholic Church in Vietnam. The arrest of a mysterious way and accused them conducted by the vague charges baseless has aroused concern from international human rights organizations and many countries around the world.

The backlash from the International Human Rights Organizations and countries including the United States has simultaneously requested the state government of Vietnam to respect human rights and to release immediately and unconditionally with people illegally detained in the words above and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that no one can be
arrested or imprisoned for expressing free speech rights peacefully. Secretary of the United States and many Senators and Representatives U.S. Congress has repeatedly voiced warnings and requests the Government of Vietnam to end all persecution against the dissenters and respect as well as full implementation complete and correct all international commitments on human rights including the right to Freedom of Religion, Free Speech and Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations, which Vietnam has joined and signed since 1982 to date.

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